Designing the Characters is the mere begining of the artwork to be produced when making a short film. But where will all these character live, what does their world look like? This is one massive question to answer. And the first person to start to explore the world was Léo Weiss (

As you can see from the above images, Léo really got close to the final style and the design of the Butcher Shop very early on, but the Butcher Shop is only a small part of the film, the Park Area was going to be a much bigger challenge.

This being animation, every single part of the final image is discussed and tested and before we could move on we had to settle on a Final Line Work for the images. The orginal designs by Steph Laberis were all important in revisting, to make sure we didnt loose that illustration look, but how could we make it replicatiable and reprodcible on mass for our short film. Enter in Graeme Lee ( who would test both Photoshop Brushes and Vector Brushes in Moho to help establish out final line work look.

The shape design and line work is only the start, wait til we start adding colour.